2015 BOND ISSUE - $3,975,000
Phase I: $1,950,000 (funds available 2016)


  • College and Career Center/Safe Room - $843,908.15
Building constructed on the high school campus (808 N. Ash). The building houses Bristow Academy (the district’s alternative education program) and also serves as a shelter that is open for public use during inclement weather.
  • Hafer Field Concession/Restroom Facility (Phase I portion of project) - $622,628.85
Building constructed at Hafer Field (623 S. Roland) to house a new concession area and public restrooms.
  • Restroom Renovations - $150,583.00
Restroom renovations at the LeForce Field House and Edison Elementary (111 W. 9th) as well as restrooms at Bristow Middle School (10 Weatherwood Way).
  • Joe Fusco Music Building Renovation - $134,998.00
Band and choir rooms in the Joe Fusco Music Building located on the high school campus remodeled to better serve the strong music program at Bristow High School.
  • A.D.A. Upgrades - $115,412.00
Handicap ramp constructed at Hafer Field to provide upgraded wheelchair access to the spectator stands.


High School

  • District Phone System - $52,290.00
District-wide phone and intercom system upgrade
  • Sidewalk Canopy - $30,180.00

Constructed sidewalk canopy at Edison Elementary to connect the Kindergarten Building to other campus buildings.

Phase II: $2,025,000 (funds available 2018)


  • Hafer Field Training Facility - $1,105,865.00 (projected)
Construction of training facility at Hafer Field (623 S. Roland). The training facility will complete the concession/public restrooms/training facility project which began during Phase I of the bond projects.
  • Softball/Baseball Complex Concession/Restroom/Dressing Rooms - $840,385.00 (projected)

Construction of a concession/restrooms/dressing rooms facility at the softball/baseball complex (300 Old Trail Road).

  • Vo-ag Truck - $55,000.00 (projected)

Purchase of a new truck to meet the needs of the agriculture education program at Bristow High School.

  • Technology Upgrades - $23,750.00 (projected)

District-wide technology upgrades to update existing computer, to replace software and hardware as needed, and to increase technology in classrooms.


Previous Bond Issues At Work
2012 BOND ISSUE - $1,735,000
2012 Bond Projects
  • Construction of a Kindergarten Center (111 W. 9th)
  • Construction of a Wrestling Room/Agriculture Education Classroom Addition on the High School Campus (808 N. Ash)
  • Purchase and installation of an irrigation system at the Baseball/Softball Complex (300 Old Trail Rd.)
  • Updated district-wide Library computer system
  • Construction of Pecan Street egress from the High School Campus (808 N. Ash)
  • Resurfacing of Track at Hafer Field (623 S. Roland)
  • Purchase of band uniforms
  • Purchase of truck and trailers for the Agriculture Education Program
  • Construction of Hafer Field Press Box located at (623 S. Roland)
  • Sidewalk Canopies at Middle School (10 Weatherwood Way)
2006 BOND ISSUE - $4,915,000
2006 Bond Projects
  • Construction of 6th grade Middle School classroom additions (10 Weatherwood Way)
  • Roof repairs at the High School Fine Arts and Chuck West buildings (808 N. Ash)
  • Vo-Ag classroom structural engineering repairs (808 N. Ash)
  • District technology upgrades
  • Playground improvements at Edison (111 W. 9th ) and Collins (811 N. Ash)
  • FFA Showbarn lobby upgrades (400 C Weatherwood Way)
  • District HVAC climate control system upgrades
  • Hafer Field scoreboard replacement with additional 25 second clocks (623 S. Roland)
  • Construction of a School/Community Auditorium (2 Weatherwood Way)