Bus # 1   (“The Slick/Edna Route”)

East on Hwy 16, starting pickups east of the “Gravel Pile” at the intersection of Hwy 16 and Slick Kellyville Rd., continuing through Slick to 193rd Ave (Edna Road), turning south on Edna Road, then returning back to Hwy 16, heading west into Slick, and finishing the last pickup at the corner of Hickory and Washington Streets (old Washington School Cafeteria).

Bus # 2

South on Hwy 48, picking up students on the east side of Hwy 48, including the Newby area to the Tuskegee area.  There will be no pickups on the east side past the Nine Mile Rd. (W. 321st St. S.). 

Bus # 4

Northwest on Hwy 16, crossing Turner Turnpike, turning left onto Stile’s Rd. (West 221st St. S.), picking up students west to 401st, north and northwest to dead-end at 201st, and west on 201st to  May’s Corner(417th). The pickups are west, north and south of this intersection. Then, the bus returns east on 201st St. to Hwy 16, northwest on Hwy 16 to 449th West Ave. (rest area), turning around heading southeast on Hwy 16 to South 433rd W. Ave, turning east two miles on 433rd, turning around and returning back to 171st East Ave, then east to dead-end (401st), north and south on 401st to Harlinsville Cemetery Rd, east to cemetery, and turnaround back to 401st, turning left to W. Hwy 16 picking students up along the return to Bristow.

Bus # 5

South on Hwy 48, picking up students on the west side of Hwy 48 to the county line. Beginning at the Nine Mile Rd. (321st), picking up both east and west to the turnaround at the county line. The last pickup is Cape Drive for Edison and Collins students only.

Bus # 6

North and east on Hwy 66 to 305th West Ave., picking up from Pine Hill Rd. to 305th, turning right on 201st (Shrewsbury’s Trailer Park), returning back to Hwy 66, going west toward Bristow, and turning left on 221st, going to the dead-end and turning around and returning to McDonald’s Rd., going right to McDonald’s Circle, and returning to Hwy 66.

Bus # 8

North on Hwy 48 to 191st S., west to dead-end, turning around and returning to Hwy 48, then north to Pine Hill Rd., turning east going 1 ¾ miles to the turn-around and returning to Hwy 48.   Turning north on Hwy 48 to Stoddard Rd. (West 141st St S.), turning west to the dead-end (401st St.), then south 1 mile to 151st, turning left on 151st to Hwy 48, south to 369th veering south to 181st, right on 181st 1 mile, then turning around and heading back to Hwy 48.  East across Hwy 48 to 353rd, north to the dead-end, turning around and returning to 181st St, east to Hwy 66.   Cross Hwy 66 to S. 337th, continuing south to 191st, then east 1 mile, turning around and returning to 337th, south to 211th, turning right to Hwy 66. 

Bus # 9

West on Hwy 66  to 417th, north to 231st going east 1 ¾ miles, turning around and returning to Hwy 66, going east and turning right on 1st St. to Hafer Field, west on 1st St. to the VFW (1st and Country Club Dr)., left to Bristow Hardware (W. Hwy. 66 and Country Club Dr), Country Club Dr. to Jaycee Ave., turning left to South Acres Trailer Park, continuing on Jaycee Ave. to Poplar.

Bus # 10

East on Hwy 16 picking up north and east to Slick Kellyville Rd., returning on Hwy 16 to S. 321st , north to W. 221st, west to S. 337th, south to 8th St. Rd,  west to turnaround, then back to 337th , south to Hwy 16,  turning right to Bristow. 

Bus # 16 

Special Needs - Bristow/Cushing drops 

In-town Bus

Town Pickups: High School and Middle School students at Cape Dr., Kingdom Hall at Oak and Tejon, Bristow Village Apartments at Mutteloke Dr., and Bristow Place Apartments at S. Kelly.  (Pickups begin at 7:00am and breakfast begins at 7:30am.)

NOTE:  With the change in school start times, bus morning routes will run approximately 30 to 40 minutes earlier than last year.

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