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Bristow Reopening Plan

Please view the Bristow Reopening plan available here. If you have not done so, please complete the Learning Options Survey to let the district know if your child will be attending as a traditional or a virtual student. This will allow us to address staffing needs for each option.
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Bristow Public Schools Learning Options 2020/2021

Please visit the attached file by clicking the title above to learn about the learning options that BPS will be offering in this upcoming school year. After you have decided which path you would like your child to pursue, fill in the Learning Option Survey located to the right. Please complete one for each of your children. The survey needs to be completed by July 10, 2020 and will allow us to finalize plans for each learning option.
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Learning Options Survey 2020/2021

Please read about our educational options to the left on the Bristow Public Schools Learning Options post. After you have decided on the path for your child, please complete this survey. Complete one for each of your children. The deadline is July 10, 2020 and will help BPS finalize plans for the school year.
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Important Links

Visit our links to access updates on COVD-19 as well as other important links including AR Home Connect, High School Flex, bond issues, and other pertinent information.
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