Bristow School Board Leaders Honored With Reception

January is School Board Recognition Month and an opportunity for local schools and communities to honor Oklahoma's more than 2,700 elected school board members for their dedication to children and schools. 
"Providing our community's children with a solid education is the most important investment we can make," said Curtis Shelton, Superintendent. “We're proud of our district, and School Board Recognition Month is the time to say thank you and celebrate the accomplishments of our elected board members." 
Our school board members share a common goal – helping students achieve in school and life. They develop policies, keep an ear open for student and staff concerns, and serve as the community's voice in school operations. They bear responsibility for an annual budget of $16,150,700.56, serving 1,667 students, 225 employees and 4 school sites. 
Our local school board members display to Bristow's students the important character qualities of trustworthiness, citizenship, and responsibility. We don't always recognize the dedication and hard work of these public servants elected to represent us and the interest of our children. Bristow school board members and years of service are: 
Seat #1 - Billy Bryant - 5 1/2 years 
Seat #2 - Jan Clark - 1/2 year 
Seat #3 - Alan Little, Vice President - 14 1/2 years 
Seat #4 - Julie Bell, President - 4 years 
Seat #5 - Dewayne Scaife - 4 1/2 years 
Board members will be honored at a special reception at the regular January board meeting on Monday, January 11, at 6:00 pm at the school administration building, 420 N. Main Street. Community members are invited.