Edison Elementary Parent Resources

In an effort to assist parents during this time of school closure and social distancing, we have compiled some helpful tips that you may use at home.  
  • Create a schedule...and stick to it.  Children feel more secure, and parents more sane, when there is a schedule. 
  • Encourage physical activity and playtime without devices.  Children can benefit greatly from playing with toys or enjoying the backyard.  Check out the daily P.E. lesson on YouTube in the resources on the right if you need ideas on how to help your child stay fit.
  • Guide your child to take on the responsibility of age-appropriate chores.  This will teach them responsibility and other life skills. 
  • Enjoy family activities in which your child can learn new skills such as cooking or crafts. Incorporate math and reading skills in as often as possible.  
  • Education is still of utmost importance during this time so that your child will continue to progress.  Reading skills are at the top of the list for the preK through 2nd grades.  Thirty minutes to one hour daily is suggested.  CHECK OUT MYON.COM TO ACCESS SOME GREAT BOOKS ONLINE!  First and second graders have access to this resource by using their library number as their username and their first intial, last initial plus 00 as a password.  You will need to type in Edison Elementary in for the school.  Reading can include being read to, especially in the younger grades.  A good old-fashioned book is great or choose from the many resources on the links located on the right.  Quiz your child over what they read or what was read to check for comprehension.  
  • Be proactive in keeping your child on a schedule and continuing to learn during this time. 
  • Click on the Little Pirate Learning for links to many resources we use at Edison Elementary.  Have a kindergartner?  Check out the link to see what they need to know.  Need some P.E. time or to hear a story read by the author?  Check out the links to the right!
  • Brittanica is allowing free access through June 30th.  Go to https://ebooks.eb.com/ and use freebritannica as the username and ebooks as the password.