School Closure Resources

COVID-19 and School Closure Updates
April 5, 2020

BPS Students and Parents,

We hope that you and your families are healthy and are navigating well during these challenging
times. BPS wants to provide you with the child nutrition and educational resources that we have
available to assist you during this time.

We are continuing our child nutrition program and food for the week will be served
every Monday from 10:00-11:00 at the following locations.
Edison Cafeteria
Cape Drive
Bristow Village
South Acres
Bethel Park
First Baptist Church
Slick Depot
Beginning April 6th, our distance learning will be in effect.  Students can access lessons online or pick up packets on Monday for the week.  Please read this Parent Letter from Superintendent Curtis Shelton which includes details of when and where packets can be picked up, how lessons can be accessed digitally, recommendations for amount of time spent per day according to age, and more.  
We hope to work collaboratively with all families to provide every student with educational opportunities for the remainder of the school year. Additional resources will remain available on the links below for all grade levels and can be used to supplement your child's teacher's lessons. Thank you for your patience as we navigate through this process. Stay safe and take care of your families.  
OETA will continue providing educational programming.  Parents and children can tune into OETA between the hours of 6 a.m. and 6 p.m. to access educational programming for children ages PreK-12th.  Additionally, students can sign up for lessons and engaging resources that go along with the programming.  Once you've signed up for the PBSLearning student account merely type in the episode name and you can access activities that enhance the program.  Refer to the resource links on the right.  
Check back often to stay updated about this quickly changing situation.  We will also be using our Bristow Public Schools Facebook page and Remind when applicable.  Additionally, we encourage everyone to download our new School News App which will allow you to receive push notifications to keep you informed as soon as new information is available.  Please visit the link to the right of this page for directions on downloading the app.