Bristow Middle School Parent Resources

Beginning, Monday, April 6, Bristow Public Schools will be utilizing distance learning to finish the 2019-2020 school year. If you or your student has any needs, please fill out Mrs. Plum's survey here: She will connect with your family as soon as possible.

Students can access their lessons 1 of 2 ways:

  1. Google Classroom: If a student has internet access, the best option would be for students to access their assignments and submit them through Google Classroom. This will help minimize contact and help flatten the curve.
    • Students will go to
    • Students will use their BPS email address and password. If students or parents need the login info, please contact your student's advisory teacher.
    • Students will then complete the lessons on their own time schedule and submit for teacher grading and feedback.
  2. Packets: If a students does not have easy access to Google Classroom, students can pick up a packet of work to complete.
    • Packet pick up is Monday, April 6 from 9-11 AM and Monday, 13 from 9-11 AM.
    • Packet pick up will take place in the Middle School Bus Loop.
    • We ask that you drive up, stay in your car, and allow BMS staff to help you with minimal contact.
If you have questions about work or cannot make the designated packet pick up time anytime until the end of school, connect with your student's advisory teacher. We are here to work with you and make your student's distance learning experience successful.
You can also call our BMS offices Monday-Friday 8AM-4PM at 918-367-3551.


In an effort to assist parents during this time of school closure and social distancing, we have compiled some helpful tips that you may use at home.

  • Create a schedule...and stick to it.  Set aside time each day for students to work on their core subjects: English, Math, Science, and Social Studies.
  • Make students responsible for their own learning. Middle Schoolers need to begin mastering the art of time management. Have them help you create the schedule, and then infuse ways to hold them accountable if they fail to meet those expectations.
  • Use a timer to keep students on task as well as allowing for downtime. Studies show that 10-15 minutes is about how long students can sustain their focus on one activity. Breaking up learning into smaller chunks helps students stay focused and engaged.
  • Incorporate other lessons besides the core subjects such as Spanish, STEM, band, choir, art, track, baseball, cheer, etc.. Students take electives at school, and we would love to see them continue practicing and improving those skill sets.
  • As a family, follow along with workout videos, cooking tutorials, or a Bob Ross episode on YouTube to keep students engaged and creative.