Collins Elementary Parent Resource Page

In an effort to assist parents during this time of school closure and social distancing, we have compiled some helpful tips that you may use at home.  
    • Create a schedule...and stick to it.  Children feel more secure, and parents more sane, when there is a schedule. 
    • Encourage physical activity and playtime without devices.  Children can benefit greatly from playing with toys or enjoying the backyard.  Check out the daily P.E. lesson on YouTube in the resources on the right if you need ideas on how to help your child stay fit.
    • Guide your child to take on the responsibility of age-appropriate chores.  This will teach them responsibility and other life skills. 
    • Enjoy family activities in which your child can learn new skills such as cooking or crafts. Incorporate math and reading skills as often as possible.  
  • Education is still of utmost importance during this time so that your child will continue to progress.  Reading skills are at the top of the list for the third through 5th grades.  Thirty minutes to one hour daily is suggested.  This includes being read to or reading with a buddy.  A good old-fashioned book is great or choose from the many resources on the links located on the right.  Quiz your child over what they read or what was read to check for comprehension. AR is still accessible on the website.
  • Continue with book report activities. This is an opportunity to do some fantastic book report projects.
  • Access teacher’s Google classroom for resources and assigned documents.
  • Access IXL. Each student has a username and password on Students are encouraged to go to their own assignments and complete any modules that are available for them in math or language arts. 
  • Some classes are set up in prodigy math and are encouraged to continue with these lessons to hone math skills and help learn math facts. Students know if their class is using this and will know usernames and passwords. 
  • Use flash cards to quiz math skills, such as multiplication and division, time, fractions, and any other available. 
  • All 4th grade language arts classes (Mrs. Woolery, Mrs. Martin, and Mrs. Stewart) can access spelling lists and parent friendly lesson plans, IXL Language Arts lessons, and spelling city using the following link:

Lesson plans are also available for 4th graders on the school website under lesson plans and then Mrs. Woolery. 

  • All third through fifth grade students can access music lesson plans on the school website. Students may access activities at the following links:

      Mrs. Fechner's Music Links for games and activities - page 1

           Mrs. Fechners Music Links for games and activities - page 2

           Students may also go to Mrs. Fechner’s page on the school website to find 

           Additional games and activities including:

           Old Town Road - Note Names

           Treble Clef One

           Bass Clef One