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Site Teachers of the Year

Jody Lomenick
Edison Teacher of the Year
Jody Lomenick is a kindergarten teacher at Edison Elementary. She has been teaching for 29 years. She has taught in Sapulpa as well as in Bristow. Jody believes that the true challenge of her job is to create a positive and caring
atmosphere that will help develop a love of learning. Her commitment to learning and growing as an educator was shown when she completed the National Board Certification program to become a Nationally Board Certified teacher. She believes that the process helped her to become a better teacher. Her colleagues say, “Jody strives for excellence in each student and motivates each to work at his/her best potential”. Jody is a great asset to the Edison Elementary staff.
Kendra Chuculate
Collins Teacher of the Year
Kendra Chuculate has been teaching for 17 years, 16 of those years in Bristow. She has taught 1 st , 3 rd and 5 th grade. Kendra’s philosophy of learning is to maintain a friendly, supportive classroom so school is a “joyful” place to learn. Her
colleagues say, “Kendra comes to school ready to collaborate with other teachers.” She is a true asset to any team.
Juli Wilhite
Middle School Teacher of the Year
Julianna Wilhite has been teaching for 9 years, 4 of those in Bristow. She began her teaching career by teaching internationally in the U.S. Peace Corps. She wanted to change the world. She returned to Oklahoma to be closer to family.
Julianna knows that as a teacher, you must adapt your teaching style to keep everything relevant for students. According to her colleagues, “Juli ‘Links Learning to Life’ by bringing real world science into the classroom at the hands of students.” Juli is an amazing teacher who gets involved with the community through the COWLICKS Club she started which focuses on service projects within the school and community. Juli is a fabulous teacher to have at Bristow.
Hannah Weigant
High School Teacher of the Year
Hannah Weigant has been teaching for 4 years. Hannah became a science teacher after her college advisor noticed her potential in science. She wants to be the educator that she needed when she was a student. She believes her
philosophy may change the longer she teaches, but right now she wants her classroom to be a secure, caring environment where students can grow as the unique individuals that they are.