Clubs and Orgs


Student Activities, Clubs, and Organizations

Students are encouraged to participate in the many activities, clubs, and organizations available at Bristow Schools.  Activities, clubs, and organizations meet at the request of the sponsor outside of normal school hours. 

Athletics helps our students grow, learn, and enjoy themselves while they use and develop their personal, physical, and intellectual skills.  Athletics instills habits which will lead students to better and healthier lives. 

Athletic Director:  Freddie Hall
Activities Coordinator:  Floyd Robinson
Cross Country:  Shannon Hilburn
Football:  HS – Brett Jones, Scott Hall, Shay Rackley, Bob Campo, Jake Avery, Bryce Hoggatt; 9th -Shaun Roebuck, Chance Batey; 8th – Scott Hall, Brett Jones; 7th –Shaun Roebuck, Howard Moore
Softball:  HS – Brittany Robison, Matt Morgan; MS – Tasha Beaty, Emily Fruits
Baseball:  HS – Larry Coleman, Jake Avery; MS – Shay Rackley, Chance Batey
Boys’ Basketball:  HS – Ray Tankersley, Cori Wages; 9th – Bryce Hoggatt; 8th – Cori Wages; 7th – Bryce Hoggatt
Girls’ Basketball:  HS – Matt Morgan, Becky Busch; 9th – Bob Campo; 8th – Matt Morgan; 7th – Becky Busch
Wrestling:  HS – Howard Moore, Shaun Roebuck; MS – Dusty Richison, Chance Batey
Boys’ Track:  HS – Shannon Hilburn, Bob Campo; 8th – Cori Wages; 7th – Brett Jones
Girls’ Track:  HS – Shannon Hilburn, Scott Hall; 8th – Freddie Hall; 7th – Becky Busch
Tennis:  Ray Tankersley, Chance Batey
Golf:  Matt Morgan, Mickey Hall
Boys’ Soccer:  Rex Wilson, Brandy Hallman
Girls’ Soccer:  Uwe Roenner, Amy Inman, Lori Spencer
Cheerleading:  HS-Tara Mattox, Ashley Jacobs; MS –Emily Winter, Tara Mattox; Wrestling Cheerleading – Kim Gilbert; Pep Club – Tammie Capps, Emily Winter

Academic Teams provide students the opportunity to use their knowledge in curriculum areas to compete in academic bowls and tournaments.


4th-5th: Emily Winter
6th-8th: Lynn Speir
9th-12th: Quila Cole


Band, including marching band and jazz band, provides students the opportunities to participate in a variety of school activities, including athletic events.  In addition, the band attends competitions throughout the school year.

Sponsors:  Ryan McCreary & Sheila Davis-Pollard (Flags also)

Business Professionals of America promotes student development, leadership, and career exploration and is generally open to students who are enrolled in a business or computer course.

Sponsor:  Jon Wilhite

Choir provides a large number of activities for students with an interest in singing and performing.  These include performances at district and state levels, as well as competitions at other schools.  Attendance is a must for all competitions and performances

Sponsors:  Mike and Ann Sanford

Drama/Speech/Debate promotes interscholastic debate, oratory, and public speaking.

Sponsor:  Wyatt Freeman

Family, Career, and Community Leaders of America promotes leadership within the community through various volunteer projects.

Sponsor:  Emily Taylor

Fellowship of Christian Athletes presents to athletes and coaches and all whom they influence the challenge and adventure of receiving Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord, serving Him in their relationships and in the fellowship of the church.

Sponsor:  Scott Hall

FFA allows students to learn about modern techniques and economic concerns in agriculture.  Also, the program emphasizes student leadership and personal development.

Sponsors:  Joseph McGovran & Rashele Blakely

Interact Club is a youth organization of Rotary Club and provides an opportunity for young people to work together in a world fellowship dedicated to service and international understanding.

Sponsor:  Kari Childress

Leo Club is a youth organization of Lions Clubs International, which in its own existence seeks to serve people in need with special emphasis and focus on children.

Sponsor:  Cathy Boomer

Math Club provides Collins Elementary students after-school enrichment activities to supplement the math curriculum.

Sponsors:  Shannon Montgomery

Multicultural Club meets monthly and plans assemblies and events to increase cultural awareness and understanding at Bristow High School.

Sponsor:  Rita Moore