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Bus Routes
Bus # 1 - “The Slick/Edna Route”
East on Hwy 16, starting pickups east of the “Gravel Pile” at the intersection of Hwy 16 and Slick Kellyville Rd., continuing through Slick to 193rd Ave (Edna Road), turning south on Edna Road, then returning back to Hwy 16, heading west into Slick, and finishing the last pickup at the corner of Hickory and Washington Streets (old Washington School Cafeteria).

Bus # 2

South on Hwy 48, picking up students on the east side of Hwy 48, including the Newby area to the Tuskegee area.  There will be no pickups on the east side past the Nine Mile Rd. (W. 321st St. S.). 

Bus # 4
Northwest on Hwy 16, crossing Turner Turnpike, turning left onto Stile’s Rd. (West 221st St. S.), picking up students west to 401st, north and northwest to dead-end at 201st, and west on 201st to  May’s Corner(417th). The pickups are west, north and south of this intersection. Then, the bus returns east on 201st St. to Hwy 16, northwest on Hwy 16 to 449th West Ave. (rest area), turning around heading southeast on Hwy 16 to South 433rd W. Ave, turning east two miles on 433rd, turning around and returning back to 171st East Ave, then east to dead-end (401st), north and south on 401st to Harlinsville Cemetery Rd, east to cemetery, and turnaround back to 401st, turning left to W. Hwy 16 picking students up along the return to Bristow.

Bus # 5
South on Hwy 48, picking up students on the west side of Hwy 48 to the county line. Beginning at the Nine Mile Rd. (321st), picking up both east and west to the turnaround at the county line. The last pickup is Cape Drive for Edison and Collins students only.

Bus # 6
North and east on Hwy 66 to 305th West Ave., picking up from Pine Hill Rd. to 305th, turning right on 201st (Shrewsbury’s Trailer Park), returning back to Hwy 66, going west toward Bristow, and turning left on 221st, going to the dead-end and turning around and returning to McDonald’s Rd., going right to McDonald’s Circle, and returning to Hwy 66.

Bus # 8
North on Hwy 48 to 191st S., west to dead-end, turning around and returning to Hwy 48, then north to Pine Hill Rd., turning east going 1 ¾ miles to the turn-around and returning to Hwy 48.   Turning north on Hwy 48 to Stoddard Rd. (West 141st St S.), turning west to the dead-end (401st St.), then south 1 mile to 151st, turning left on 151st to Hwy 48, south to 369th veering south to 181st, right on 181st 1 mile, then turning around and heading back to Hwy 48.  East across Hwy 48 to 353rd, north to the dead-end, turning around and returning to 181st St, east to Hwy 66.   Cross Hwy 66 to S. 337th, continuing south to 191st, then east 1 mile, turning around and returning to 337th, south to 211th, turning right to Hwy 66. 

Bus # 9
West on Hwy 66  to 417th, north to 231st going east 1 ¾ miles, turning around and returning to Hwy 66, going east and turning right on 1st St. to Hafer Field, west on 1st St. to the VFW (1st and Country Club Dr)., left to Bristow Hardware (W. Hwy. 66 and Country Club Dr), Country Club Dr. to Jaycee Ave., turning left to South Acres Trailer Park, continuing on Jaycee Ave. to Poplar.

Bus # 10
East on Hwy 16 picking up north and east to Slick Kellyville Rd., returning on Hwy 16 to S. 321st , north to W. 221st, west to S. 337th, south to 8th St. Rd,  west to turnaround, then back to 337th , south to Hwy 16,  turning right to Bristow. 

Bus # 16 
Special Needs - Bristow/Cushing drops 

In-town Bus
Town Pickups: High School and Middle School students at Cape Dr., Kingdom Hall at Oak and Tejon, Bristow Village Apartments at Mutteloke Dr., and Bristow Place Apartments at S. Kelly.  (Pickups begin at 7:00am and breakfast begins at 7:30am.

NOTE:  With the change in school start times, bus morning routes will run approximately 30 to 40 minutes earlier than last year.

Inclement Weather Procedure
Inclement Weather Procedure

As past years have proven, Oklahoma winters can arrive with a vengeance, and sometimes, snow is not our worst enemy.  The school has procedures to deal with “old man winter” when he gets here.  Because many of our parents work, we realize that canceling school creates a hardship on parents.  Therefore, if the roads are determined passable for our buses, we will have school.  If parents do not feel it is safe, they should keep their children at home and contact the school.  The schools provide up to ten absences a semester for such emergencies.   

How do we determine whether we should call off school due to weather? 

We will normally drive the more difficult bus routes around 5:30 am.  If a two-wheel drive car can make it, a bus can normally pass easily.  Because of their clearance and weight, buses maneuver better than cars on snow-covered roads.  Of course, ice creates difficulty for any vehicle.  Our transportation department is always closely involved in the decision-making process regarding the ability of their buses to run safely.  Once a determination is made, we contact the local television stations that broadcast school closings.  School closing information will also be communicated to parents/guardians through the school’s automated calling system, as well as the school’s free mobile app,, available for download from the app store on any smart phone.  If the weather allows a decision to be reached the night before, we will also communicate that information with the methods stated above.  Making such a determination, many times, can be very difficult because we are dealing with unpredictable Oklahoma weather.  Some days, we may cancel school only to have the roads completely clear by noon.  On other days, we may decide to have school when road conditions may require parents and buses to drive very carefully on some snowy roads.  Our key personnel will work diligently, though, to make the best decision possible to ensure the safety of our students.

What about snow and ice that hit during the day?

In almost all cases, we will remain in school the entire day, since many of our bus children’s parents work out of town, and no one would be home for the students’ early arrival.  We have over 1,000 children who ride buses, and it would be difficult  to reach all of the parents to inform them that their children would be arriving home early.  Besides, the roads usually do not get substantially worse in the middle of the day.  The time period from 3:30 pm to 4:30 pm is probably one of the safest times to travel the roads in adverse conditions.  However, if parents want to pick up their children, they are more than welcome to do so.  Remember, we cannot predict every situation; however, our procedures are based on normal weather patterns.

On bad weather days, why don’t we start school later? 

This is a good question.  Usually, the roads do not improve from early in the morning through 10:00 am.  It has been 11:00 am to noon before melting and improvement begins, and, in most cases, the conditions do not improve all day.  Another reason we do not start late is because the vast number of bus students in our district makes it likely that children would be left home alone waiting for the late start, since parents would not have enough notice to make other arrangements.

What about ice/snow routes for buses?
For the ice/snow route information, please see the dropdown below on this page.

Be patient and be careful!

We will make the best decisions we can for our students.  Please realize that we must make decisions that accommodate the entire school, not just one or two individual situations, and we feel it is important for schools to remain open on cold days to give students supervision in a warm place with warm meals.  This may not be the case for some when they stay home. 

Ice / Snow Routes
Please Read Inclement Weather Procedures First


NOTIFICATION: Implementation of ice-snow routes will be publicized on Channels 2, 6, 8, and Fox 23. 

MORNING ROUTES: The following ice/snow routes will be implemented between 7:30 am & 8:00 am.


Rural Pick-up Locations:


1) Highway 16 Northwest
  •    Rest Area (West of S. 433rd W. Ave.)
  •    Mid-America Stockyard


2) Highway 48 North

  •    181st and Highway 48 (Red’s BBQ Area)


3) Highway 66 East

  •    PDQ (formerly “K’s Corner”)


4) Highway 16 East

  •    Slick Store
  •    Gravel Pile ( Slick / Kellyville Rd. & Hwy. 16)
  •    Garment Factory (Oak & Washington Sts.)


5) Highway 48 South

  •    Dowdy’s Corner ( W. 281st South & 48 Hwy. – 5 miles south of Bristow)


6) Highway 66 West

  •    Varner's Hardware
  •    DX Pump Station (S. 401st/66 Hwy)


AFTERNOON ROUTES: Students will be taken back to their morning pickup locations. If no ride is available for the student, they will be returned to their school and parents will pick them up at school. Parents should contact the school their students attend if they know they cannot pick them up at the designated locations. Parents should make arrangements to pick up their students at the school sites.


Town Pickup Locations:

1) County Barn

2) Cape Drive Office Parking Lot

3) Bristow Village, Kelly Apartments (Harrison Street)

4) Nazarene Church Parking Lot (5th & Chestnut)

5) Community Center (10th & Chestnut)

6) Bristow Christian Center (Main St. & Jackson)

7) Anchor Drive-In (Hwy. 66)

8) City Hall Parking Lot (from 66 West, North on Ash to 7th, East to Main)