Bristow Police Officers

Bristow Public Schools has added local police officers on staff as School Safety Officers to ensure the safety of our students.  An officer will be on duty from 7:30 to 3:30 on all school calendar days.  Part of their duties will be to proactively interact with students, staff, and administration with the aim of preventing safety issues and provide guidance in helping students make good decisions.  Other duties include securing buildings and property, investigating disturbances,  and maintain order during the school day or during special events.  Officers will patrol both on foot and by vehicle and will be present at every school site.  Bristow Public School's  mission is to provide a positive school climate that is safe, supportive, and joyful and promote a culture of care and respect for one another.  Should an emergency arise, School Safety Officers will be able to quickly render aid and alert additional police or emergency personnel as appropriate.